Hello everyone!

Today I’m excited to tell you that my netball team made it into the semi-finals! My teammates are Lyta, Amielle, Stephanie, Lachlan, Isla, Tahlia, Tylah and Hailey. I think we make a great team and with some will-power, we’ll be unstoppable!

My favourite positions to play are GA {Goal Attack}, C {Center} and WA {Wing Attack}. If you play netball, comment your favourite positions, and if not, comment your favourite sport.




Camp! (:

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about camp. The year 5/6’s went to Sovereign Hill on Monday 18/5 for 2 days. We went gold-panning, shopping and saw some amazing sites.


When we first arrived at camp we ate our lunch. Then we went down to main street to take a look. (Our cabin was right off Main street, and we walked to all our meal locations) Then we got divided into four groups; Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D. I was in group B. Groups A and B went together and Groups C and D went together. My group visited the Education Center. We learned about what the Olden Days were like. Four people dressed up to model the style of clothing during the Gold Rush times, and I was one of them. I dressed up as the Mother, or an elder female. We had great fun! Later on, We were assigned to our dormitories. There were 6 rooms, 3 for males and 3 for females. They were numbered from 2 to 7. I was in room 6, with my friends Emily, Lyta, Isabelle, Gemma, Catherine, Siobhan, Lily, and Mary. We all got along really well and had a wonderful time. After we ate dinner, we saw the light and sound show; ‘Blood on the Southern Cross.’


On the second day we we spent a lot of time shopping. I bought 90% of my purchases on that day. We also went to a candle factory to see how candles were made, then later, I dyed my own candle! We had all our meals except dinner and supper at the Sovereign Hill Cafe. The day was calmer, but in many ways just as busy. after dinner, we went to a pantomime; ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ We had a lot of fun.


On the third and final day, we spent the rest of our money. At 1o:50 we went to the Confectionery kitchen and watched someone make Butter Balls. At the end we got a free sample! They were so delicious! Sadly, though, I’d already spent all my money. :~(.  After we ate lunch we went back to our rooms and packed our final things. We went gold-panning for a while. Then we lugged our bags onto the bus and waved goodbye to Sovereign Hill.


I hope you enjoyed reading my post this week.


Week 10: Goodbyes

Hello everyone! This week is the last of the blogging challenge. Don’t worry though, I’ll still be posting; hopefully every week.


For the last challenge we had to sum up our blog and the blogging challenge. I’ll start with my blog.


Not to brag, but I give my blog a 9.999999999/10. I love the way it looks. The only reason I didn’t give it a 10/10 is because I didn’t get time to do two challenges; Week 5: Favorites and Week 7: Let’s play a Game. Other than that, I am proud of my blog, and am certainly continuing.


I rate the blogging challenge a 10/10. The challenges were interesting, and not too easy. They were always getting me thinking. I am sad that this is the end of the challenges, but excited that I can post what I want, when I want.


I hope you enjoyed my challenge posts!


Week 9: Let Animals Shine!

This week I had to test my blogging skills, and let animals shine. I chose to let kelpies shine.


Dogs, in my opinion, are the best pet you could have. They are playful, super cute and they will never let you down. I have a dog. He is a kelpie cross. We don’t know what he’s crossed with, because we got him from a rescue center. He looks a bit like this:                                                                                                        except his tan patch is tanner and his face is more circular.



jarrah clone!  Kelpies are regularly found at farms. They work like sheepdogs. They heard all the sheep into one area to get fed, shorn, or anything like the above. They are very helpful to farmers and anyone else on a farm.


Now that you’ve read my post, I hope you like kelpies as much as me!




Week 8: Ireland

Hello everyone!

This week’s challenge was travelling, but I chose to do something that was in interest to me but related to other countries.  I’m going to talk about the Potato Famine, part of Ireland’s history.


The Potato Famine caused a lot of problems in Ireland. Potatoes were the main food source at that time. There was a disease that damaged all the potatoes. This led to starvation, death and emigration.  The Potato Famine occurred in September 1845-1852.



My Goal

Hello, everyone!

I have 90 visitors all up, and my goal is 100. Can you please tell all your friends and families to visit my blog? Thanks!




P.S: I posted this at 3:05 pm, Melbourne’s time.

Week 6: Work then Play!

Hello everyone! So for this weeks task I chose option 2: Create a new game for someone to de-stress from their lifestyle. My game is called ‘Bling Blong’.

Here is the full scale of my game.

Name of game: Bling Blong

Players: 2-4 players

Rules:  You are not allowed to roll twice in a row.

You have to go around in a circle going clockwise. (To the person on the left)

You have to be 5 years old.

If you land on a place with writing on it, you must do what it says.

How to play: You roll two die.

You move the number of places shown on the die added together.

Once one person wins, the game is over. (Optional)

This is what the board looks like:


game board




Exciting News!


My mum is on TV tonight- she’s on Master Chef! Turn on Channel Ten at 7:30 pm tonight to see her. I can’t wait!



Special note: I’m on the first episode!  (5.5.2015)


This is what she looks like.  Mummy!


Week 4: Getting Global!

Hello viewers! For this week’s challenge I chose option three, which was: Visit at least 5 blogs from countries other than your own. Leave a comment on a post at each blog. Now write your own post including the comment you have left and linking to each post you commented on. I commented on five blogs:

Brooklyn, from New Zealand:  Brooklyn’s blog was lovely in oranges and yellows.

Sophia, from New Zealand:  Sophia’s blog was very pretty, her wallpaper was a great pattern.

Sean, from New Zealand: Sean’s blog was black and mysterious.

Lucas, from New Zealand:  Lucas’ blog was plain yet stunning.

Suzanna, from United States of America: Suzanna’s blog was filled with bananas! All of their blogs were wonderful, each so unique! You should go check them out. Bye!

Week 3: Chocolate!

Hello! Ashleigh here. I love chocolate. My favourite type is dark chocolate. I like Yarra Valley Chocolatier’s milk and white chocolate as well though. My favorite choc-fruit combination is choc-orange. What is your favourite type of chocolate? Tell me in a comment. Bye!