School Expo!


Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to be talking about the School Expo!

Our school held and Expo on Tuesday the 8th of September. The whole school had prepared a piece to present. The Preps and Year Ones had their work on Mini-beasts (bugs etc), The Year Twos showed Power Points on Mini-beasts, the Year Threes and Fours showed presentations on The Human Body and the Year Fives and Sixes presented their work on Energy.  We had about 200 people attend the Expo and I’ll say it was a pretty good night!


My team studied Solar Energy for the Expo. We worked well. The expectation to have done was a presentation, a model and an experiment. Our presentation was by s’more and goanimate. Our model was a few Solar blankets and leaflets describing the blankets. Our presentation was done by smore and goanimate. Our model was Solar blankets and a Solar robot. Our experiment was a Solar oven.


The photo above is the task we had done relating to the other Year Fives and Sixes presentations. After presenting to the classes, we had to write down five facts about the topic that was presented. This was the final product!


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