My Week x6!

Hello everyone!

Let’s get started with my week!

We worked on decimals a lot this week. We had to complete work sheets up to our skill level. I completed 2 sheets, one on place value in decimals, and the other on rounding off decimals. What I got out of these tasks was that rounding off isn’t always as easy as it seems and that place value is very important! What I learned is that if you want to round a decimal number to 2 decimal points, look at the 3rd number and so on.

We also did an art response to a Book Week book called Scary Night. We had to re-invent a page from the book. It was lots of fun! What I got out of this task is that there are many different perspectives from things. What I learned is that there is usually a good outcome of a bad situation!

We did a task like a book review, but not quite. We had to read an article from a Scientriffic magazine, and find 20 verbs from that. We also had to write down 5 key points from the article. What I got out of this task was that there are many unexpected verbs in the English language! What I learned is that verbs don’t have to be action words, they can be words that show possession, such as have, has, is and can!

That was my week!


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