My Week x2

Hello everyone! My week was very eventful. Let’s get started!


I learnt about the 5 steps to problem solving. They are:

1) Read the question.5stepsps

2) Put it in your own words.

3) Select a strategy.

4) Work it out.

5) Check and write the answer.


A lady called Catherine came to school. She is doing a program at school called “Building Better Schoolyards” I learnt about the power in numbers. Basically what this is is that there is a lot of power in a bystander.

I learned about chance and probability. For this you have to measure the likelihood of future events.

We also the year 5/6’s saw Emmaus’ production, Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” The production was fabulous! The costumes, scenery and so on was all amazing! The Beast was ugly on the outside, but if you got to know him, he was a beautiful gentleman. My favourite character was Gaston’s servant/ sidekick. He was played by a girl. My favourite scene was when Lumiere sang a song and objects danced on the stage!

Two football coaches-in-training came to our school to run our Football Gala Day. It was really fun!I learned a lot of new skills, and I improved on the ones I already knew.


That was my week! I hope you enjoyed this week’s post.


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