Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about 3 things in the world that I would like to change.


  1. Wars. I hate wars. I wish I could stop them. I wish “fighting” wasn’t a thing. I hate deaths. I hate sicknesses. Wars are awful things.
  2. Global warming. Global warming is quite dangerous. It is a threat to the world. I wish I could stop it.
  3. Allowances. I wish I was allowed to do more things. Eg: I wish you don’t have to be 18 to vote. I wish children could have more freedom.


Now that I’ve told you the 3 things I would like to change in the world; my sister Cameron is going to tell you hers.

  1. Pollution. Cameron hates pollution because it goes into the ocean and kills fish and other sea animals.
  2. Wasting. Cameron doesn’t like wasting because people waste paper too much, and we might end up with no trees in the future.
  3. Shark fin soup. Cameron thinks we should stop eating shark fin soup because we over-fish the sharks and some fishermen only eat the fins.


Thank you Cameron for being interviewed for my blog.

Thank you for reading this weeks post. I apologise for not posting for a few weeks. Please forgive me.

Please comment below three things you would like to change in the world.


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