Week 9: Let Animals Shine!

This week I had to test my blogging skills, and let animals shine. I chose to let kelpies shine.


Dogs, in my opinion, are the best pet you could have. They are playful, super cute and they will never let you down. I have a dog. He is a kelpie cross. We don’t know what he’s crossed with, because we got him from a rescue center. He looks a bit like this:                                                                                                        except his tan patch is tanner and his face is more circular.



jarrah clone!  Kelpies are regularly found at farms. They work like sheepdogs. They heard all the sheep into one area to get fed, shorn, or anything like the above. They are very helpful to farmers and anyone else on a farm.


Now that you’ve read my post, I hope you like kelpies as much as me!




One thought on “Week 9: Let Animals Shine!

  1. Hey Ash as you know I have a dog to his name is Rusty his breed is a shitzu. He is really cute. And your dog is really cute as well I love every type of dog. My favourite one is a cup dog there super cute.

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