School Expo!


Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to be talking about the School Expo!

Our school held and Expo on Tuesday the 8th of September. The whole school had prepared a piece to present. The Preps and Year Ones had their work on Mini-beasts (bugs etc), The Year Twos showed Power Points on Mini-beasts, the Year Threes and Fours showed presentations on The Human Body and the Year Fives and Sixes presented their work on Energy.  We had about 200 people attend the Expo and I’ll say it was a pretty good night!


My team studied Solar Energy for the Expo. We worked well. The expectation to have done was a presentation, a model and an experiment. Our presentation was by s’more and goanimate. Our model was a few Solar blankets and leaflets describing the blankets. Our presentation was done by smore and goanimate. Our model was Solar blankets and a Solar robot. Our experiment was a Solar oven.


The photo above is the task we had done relating to the other Year Fives and Sixes presentations. After presenting to the classes, we had to write down five facts about the topic that was presented. This was the final product!


My Week x6!

Hello everyone!

Let’s get started with my week!

We worked on decimals a lot this week. We had to complete work sheets up to our skill level. I completed 2 sheets, one on place value in decimals, and the other on rounding off decimals. What I got out of these tasks was that rounding off isn’t always as easy as it seems and that place value is very important! What I learned is that if you want to round a decimal number to 2 decimal points, look at the 3rd number and so on.

We also did an art response to a Book Week book called Scary Night. We had to re-invent a page from the book. It was lots of fun! What I got out of this task is that there are many different perspectives from things. What I learned is that there is usually a good outcome of a bad situation!

We did a task like a book review, but not quite. We had to read an article from a Scientriffic magazine, and find 20 verbs from that. We also had to write down 5 key points from the article. What I got out of this task was that there are many unexpected verbs in the English language! What I learned is that verbs don’t have to be action words, they can be words that show possession, such as have, has, is and can!

That was my week!


My Week x5!

Hello everyone!

My week was pretty quiet. Anyway, let’s get started!

A man called Michael from Hawks in schools came, with two Hawks players! They did things that worked on our football skills. It was really fun! There were 4 stations around the oval. Station 1 was relay races to get us pumped up. Station 2 was goal kicking. Station 3 was hand balling. Station 4 was marking.

We also did some work with decimats. We had to colour in the right decimal. eg: 0.2= 2 tenths.

We had to finish a lot of work because we had a curriculum day on Thursday.


That was my week!


My Week x4!

Hello everyone!

Let’s get started with my week!


I had my ballet exam on Monday, so I didn’t go to school until 1 o’clock. I haven’t got the results yet, though.

I learned a lot about Solar Power this week. We’re doing a unit on Energy in Inquiry this term. My group for the project is: Lyta, Catherine, Siobhan and Lily. I’ve put links to all of their blogs. I learned how Solar panels work, how the Sun creates energy, and that Solar is the Latin word for Sun.

That was my week!


My Week x3!

Hello, everyone!

Let’s get started with the recount!


We continued on our unit on Chance and Data. We’ve finished it now, though. We played many dice games to prove that with dice, it’s really just luck.

We also had Italian Day. This year’s theme was “The Roman Empire.” We all had to dress up as someone from the Roman Empire. I dressed up as a wealthy woman.

Those were the big events of my week!italy flag




My Week x2

Hello everyone! My week was very eventful. Let’s get started!


I learnt about the 5 steps to problem solving. They are:

1) Read the question.5stepsps

2) Put it in your own words.

3) Select a strategy.

4) Work it out.

5) Check and write the answer.


A lady called Catherine came to school. She is doing a program at school called “Building Better Schoolyards” I learnt about the power in numbers. Basically what this is is that there is a lot of power in a bystander.

I learned about chance and probability. For this you have to measure the likelihood of future events.

We also the year 5/6’s saw Emmaus’ production, Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” The production was fabulous! The costumes, scenery and so on was all amazing! The Beast was ugly on the outside, but if you got to know him, he was a beautiful gentleman. My favourite character was Gaston’s servant/ sidekick. He was played by a girl. My favourite scene was when Lumiere sang a song and objects danced on the stage!

Two football coaches-in-training came to our school to run our Football Gala Day. It was really fun!I learned a lot of new skills, and I improved on the ones I already knew.


That was my week! I hope you enjoyed this week’s post.


My Week!

Hi everyone!

Today I’m starting to recount my week. Let’s get started.

I found an interesting book called “The girl with no Name.”  It is all about a boy called Matthew who sets off to find some Aboriginal paintings, but something goes horribly wrong. This is the cover:the girl with no name







We did some maths. I worked on an easy maths sheet on fractions and moved on to a more challenging one. Whilst doing that I revised how to do fractions of a whole.

I learned how to create a folder in Google Docs. It’s actually really easy!

I learned how to draw a 3D hand! Here’s the video as to how to draw it. 

That was my week! Next week you will see Friday as well as the above. Please comment a highlight of your week. I’d love to read them!


Imagine If…

Hello, everyone! I have two things to say.

First, this term onward my class is going to post a recount on our week each Friday, so be prepared for that!

Second, to makeup for the lack of posting the last few weeks, I’m posting again. Now let’s start with the actual post.

Today I’m going to let my imagination go wild. I’m going to imagine my perfect life. Now let’s go.


I’m 19 years old. I’m 5.94 feet tall. My body is strong, slim and fit. My hair reaches my waist. It is red-brown and blonde, and looks like this:ombre hair2


My face is crisp and smooth. My eyebrows are always on fleek. I’ve just moved out of home. I have a big house with a paddock out the back. I am a You Tuber. I live next door to my best friend. Our houses were connected by the horse paddock. I eat nothing except home grown produce. I have a pet dog called Sparks and a horse called Rocket.I would have a career as a fitness leader. My boyfriend would live with me. Every night I would go over to my best friend’s house. I’d decorate my house with teal, aqua, blue, white and green objects. I’d have a huge room.


Now that you’ve read my dream life, I’d like to hear your’s. Please comment below your dream life.



Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about 3 things in the world that I would like to change.


  1. Wars. I hate wars. I wish I could stop them. I wish “fighting” wasn’t a thing. I hate deaths. I hate sicknesses. Wars are awful things.
  2. Global warming. Global warming is quite dangerous. It is a threat to the world. I wish I could stop it.
  3. Allowances. I wish I was allowed to do more things. Eg: I wish you don’t have to be 18 to vote. I wish children could have more freedom.


Now that I’ve told you the 3 things I would like to change in the world; my sister Cameron is going to tell you hers.

  1. Pollution. Cameron hates pollution because it goes into the ocean and kills fish and other sea animals.
  2. Wasting. Cameron doesn’t like wasting because people waste paper too much, and we might end up with no trees in the future.
  3. Shark fin soup. Cameron thinks we should stop eating shark fin soup because we over-fish the sharks and some fishermen only eat the fins.


Thank you Cameron for being interviewed for my blog.

Thank you for reading this weeks post. I apologise for not posting for a few weeks. Please forgive me.

Please comment below three things you would like to change in the world.


Thank you!

Hello, everyone!

I would just like to say thank you very much. I have over 100 visitors! Thank you all for visiting my blog and spreading the word. I appreciate it very much.